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Partnering with a commercial energy pioneer

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A division of Flogas working with industrial and commercial customers and renewable energy producers, the team at Flogas Enterprise are Ireland’s commercial energy experts.

Flogas Enterprise + wawawi

Our partnership with Flogas enterprise spans over 5 years. The company started out as “Vayu energy”, the first independent energy supplier to be awarded a gas shipping licence in Ireland back in 2003.

As the company grew, they first called on the wawawi to improve and maintain the corporate website. 


In 2018, Vayu became “Naturgy Ireland”, and the wawawi completed a full website rebrand, leveraging the European “Naturgy” brand, while ensuring local market relevancy.

In 2021, Naturgy Ireland was acquired by Flogas.


New brand website design

When Flogas acquired Naturgy Ireland in 2021, we set about developing a new website for the new Flogas Enterprise brand. Leading everything from design and branded content, to ensuring maximum performance.

Again, ensuring absolute alignment with the master brand, while ensuring everything spoke to the larger industrial/commercial target audience.

Carbon Kaizen - meeting energy goals

Flogas Enterprise supply almost 20% of the industrial and commercial gas market in Ireland, helping hundreds of companies on their sustainability journeys.

Combining this experience and specialist know-how, Flogas Enterprise developed “Carbon Kaizen” to help ensure businesses are continuously moving towards energy sustainability goals. Working with the team, we developed a new online area that educates and sign-posts prospects and existing customers to key Flogas Enterprise sustainable products and services.

Re-designing the customer portal experience

As part of our work with Flogas Enterprise, we also performed a deep-dive into the customer portal – meeting with all departments in the company and discussing requirements with clients.

We then sat about redesiging the customer portal for a more efficient experience when scoping projects, and managing multiple commercial facilities, before working with the team to source and secure a specialist development house to build the platform to scope, and maintain it into the future. 

Content, SEO and performance marketing

With the new brand website bedded in, since May 2023, we have been collaborating with the Flogas Enterprise marketing team to attract qualified prospects to key conversion channels on the website, constantly updating content, improving SEO scores, and running PPC acquisition campaigns.

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